Sunny Aquarium Company



Quality and reliability are our utmost priority.


Our goal is to sell directly to the market from the source and maintaining a long term partnership with people of the same trade all around the world on a mutually beneficial basis.


Sunny Aquarium Company started off with humble beginnings in the northen part of Singapore back in 1970, founded by Mr Pek.
With determination to succeed and an undying passion for fishes, Mr Pek together with his son, Mr Patrick Pek, managed to build this family enterprise globally in just 20 years.
In 1990, PT Sunny Indopramitha became a reality in Java, Jakarta. Their main purpose is to be an aquatic plant farm apart from fishes. With good soil and plenty of water, Java is an idea location for agricultural products.


Till this day, Sunny Aquarium has been an exclusive family enterprise and continues to satisfy customers from all around the globe.