Fish Trading in the Digital Sphere


Since Sunny Aquarium’s humble beginnings in 1968, the business model of the fish farm has seen little changes. In view of digital transformation in the 21st century where more businesses are choosing to build their empire online, CEO Pek Leng Choon chats about his vision in expanding the fish trading industry in the digital sphere. 

“Building a business in the past relied solely on word-of-mouth,” the 70-year old CEO recounts, before highlighting that consumers today prefer a more comprehensive buying experience, even in the fish industry. “Knowing your name is not enough, consumers need to know that they can put faith in your business practices and products. This is where the industry can benefit from the digital sphere.” 

Being part of the digital sphere gives Sunny Aquarium the ability to have its own voice that can reach out to global consumers and foster closer bonds. Unlike in the past where consumers only hear of Sunny Aquarium through social sharing or by affiliation, corporate websites and social media accounts have been set up to facilitate easier and quicker communication with consumers.

Without leaving home, consumers can view fish and aquatic plants that are available from Sunny Aquarium. The internet also unlocks a variety of ways for consumers to get in touch with sales representatives to enquire further. In fact, Mr. Pek has put together a digital team to monitor the digital sphere for the business. 

Other than generating awareness and handling enquiries, the fish farm also makes use of digital tools to track stock levels for fish, equipment, and other materials. Relying on these new tools enable staff to be able to focus on taking care of the fish instead of spending time trying to solve logistics issues. Ever since the implementation of these tools, staff have feedback that work is getting into a routine, and it is easier to prioritise tasks on hand.

“One thing that sets Sunny Aquarium apart from competitors who have also established presence online,” says Mr. Pek, “is our commitment to make use of technology on both front and back ends, to ensure that the benefits can be passed on to our consumers in terms of better quality, and lower costs.” 

While there are limitations to what the digital world can provide, this is a learning journey that can potentially bring the fish trading industry to greater heights. Mr. Pek is confident that the digital transformation of Sunny Aquarium can bring about positive changes within and beyond the industry.